Chapter 3

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Although Sean was a police officer, Lynn was very cautious about being picked up by men on first dates. She would much rather drive her car and meet them for safety purposes or just in case things didn't go well. But, being someone who has worked his share of missing person cases, he understood. So Sean drove himself and arrived early at Applebee's to find none other than Maisie at the hostess station.

"Well, look who it is," Maisie said. She told him all about the night she took Brooke home and how she'd woke up the next day hungover and hating herself. Finally, Maisie asked if Sean had ever called her back or if he was meeting her here again for a do-over. Brooke was a pretty girl, and from what she'd seen, they were hitting it off quite well until she pushed her drinking limit a bit too far. He regretfully informed her that there was a new girl and asked that she not mention the incident. "No worries, I won't say a thing," Masie cheerfully assured him.

Lynn texted Sean she would be a little late. Her babysitter had just gotten there, and she lived twenty minutes away. However, Sean was early, so it would only be a ten-minute wait for her. No big deal. "Text me when you get here," he sent back. Several minutes later, he received a message from Lynn that said "10-97", the police 10 Code for "arriving". Sean smiled; he knew she'd been doing her homework. Lynn loved the idea of dating and possibly even marrying a police officer. She thought his uniform was sexy, and she wanted to hear all the exciting stories he'd bring home.

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Maise helped them to their booth, and as a happy relieving surprise, Lynn ordered tea to drink. After that, they waited for their appetizers and main courses to arrive, and Lynn talked about her kids and the babysitter never quite being there on time. Being a dog walker, she was on a tight schedule. Then, finally, their appetizers arrived, the "Classic Combo" of boneless wings, spinach & artichoke dip, chicken quesadilla, and mozzarella sticks. They picked at the appetizers, talked, and sipped their drinks, waiting for their steak dinners to be delivered. So far, it was going well, Sean thought.

Minutes after their steaks arrived at the table, Lynn's phone rang. It was the babysitter, Sarah. "I'm sorry, it's my babysitter. Unfortunately, I have to take this one," she told him. Sarah wanted to know if she could pay her early by CashApp. "Are you really calling me right now about this, Sarah? I told you I'm on a date and don't call unless it's an emergency," she frustratingly told her. Lynn knew Sarah pretty well, enough to trust her with her kids, but knew Sarah just wanted to get some weed for later when Lynn got home.

"Please, please, please," Sarah begged until she got her way. "Okay, I'm sending it now, but don't call me again unless it's an emergency," she said and hung up the phone. Lynn apologized for the interruption and made up some story about how she had to send her some money for pizza because she'd burned the food she'd left her to cook for the kids. The rest of the night, their date went well, nothing spectacular, but Sean left Applebee's happy and excited about Lynn possibly being the one. Their cute little goodbye kiss bounced around in his head that night as he imagined how all this would go.

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The next day Sean texted her a "good morning" voice message, and she quickly replied in the same manner. "Good morning, handsome," Lynn said. Afterward, they sent sweet emoji-filled messages back and forth as Sean got himself ready to go out on patrol and sent pictures of themselves throughout the day, Sean in his patrol and Lynn walking her customer's dogs. They seemed to be enjoying each other's attention and photographs.

Sean loved getting pictures of the woman he was seeing. But, in his mind, there was nothing special about receiving photos they'd taken for others, so if they weren't new and taken for him, he didn't want them with, of course, some exception for kids, pets, and family members. But in general, he preferred new and just for him. So Sean kept the same sentimental attitude when sending photos to women. He only sent ones that he'd just taken, especially if they were for her eyes only. There would be no recycled momentos in his love story if he could help it.

Nearing the end of his shift, Sean passed the liquor store Callie worked at and briefly thought of the wine he'd bought Brooke and their date but quickly shook it off as he got a new message from Lynn that she'd finished with all of her dog-walking appointments. She was about to head back home and wanted him to know she couldn't wait to see him again. She thought about asking him to meet up later but wasn't going to press too hard and scare him off.

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Lucky for Lynn, she wouldn't need to. Sean asked her if she'd be free that evening. Unfortunately, she knew her babysitter Sarah wouldn't be available but thought hard for a moment and asked him if he'd like to come to her place for dinner. Lynn didn't live in the nicest of neighborhoods, we'll say, so asking someone like Sean over to her mobile home was a courageous act at this stage in their relationship. Despite how much she worried and ran around trying to straighten up the place before he arrived, Sean didn't care about that. He had a lovely home of his own and was simply looking for a good woman who would treat him right.

Pulling into Breezewood, he noticed a little girl's birthday party. The smoke of a barbeque grill rose against a patio awning and off into a clear blue sky. A dozen or so young girls sat cheerfully around folding tables covered in pink cloths, pink solo cups, gift bags, a candle-lit cake, singing Happy Birthday while smiling parents took photos, all making him wish he'd had a family of his own. But, not knowing at that time, Sean's birthday would soon bring all of this into his own life.

Lynn was standing in the driveway, excited and waving, as Sean arrived for dinner. Then, getting out of his truck, Lynn kissed him hello and walked him inside to introduce him to everyone. They walked the narrow hallway of her mobile home, where he would see an open door and a teen girl sitting on a small desk tapping away at her iPhone. "Hey, Melissa, would you like to meet someone? This is Sean". Melissa had seen a few men come and go in her mother's life, and she was busy chatting with her new boyfriend, so she just politely waved and went back to texting.

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In Lynn's room, a young girl about seven or eight years old sat attentively on the bed playing a video game. She paused the game as Lynn and Sean walked in. Her eyes lit up with excitement. "Grace, this is Sean," she said. Lynn had shown her a picture of him before their first date at Applebee's; the little girl already knew who he was and was happy to see him. She'd also seen a few men come and go but never knew her birth father. She'd dreamed of having a dad, so she hoped police officer Sean would finally be the man to fill that role in her life.

She quickly asked him if he wanted to play the video game with her. Sean liked kids, wanted a family and children of his own, and had no problem jumping right into the action. Grace and Sean sat at the bedside, gazing into the small TV on Lynn's dresser that displayed the child's video game. Lynn sat in the chair next to the bed, just watching them and thinking about her family and her plans for Sean.

So far, her kids seemed to like him, but there was one more to meet, her eldest child and son Hudson. Hudson and his girlfriend Leanne arrived shortly after that; they were also happy to meet him, especially Hudson, who would soon be joining the Coast Guard and wanted his mom to be with someone that would love and protect her. Lynn had ordered a couple of pizzas for them, and they all sat around the table getting to know one another, except Leanne; she knew the little girl who was having a birthday party and went next door to bring the clothes, toys, and other gifts she'd bought her.

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After dinner, the kids all went back off to their rooms, played video games, and stared into their phones, chatting away with their friends as Lynn and Sean sat outside talking and cuddling up next to each other on a wicker patio sofa under a star-filled sky. Grace, a curious one, peeked out the front door at them to see how things were going. Lynn asked her to give them some time alone, but Grace was so excited about the idea of Sean being her dad she instead came outside and tried to join in on their conversation.

Grace was a good kid, the other kids had gone off leaving her alone, and Sean didn't mind her hanging around a few minutes, so he talked to her for a bit until Lynn finally convinced her to get ready for bed. She promised her she would be in soon to tuck her in and tell her goodnight. Grace waved and told Sean goodnight, then reluctantly went back inside only to return moments later. "Grace, go get ready for bed," Lynn firmly said as she pointed towards the door. Grace looked a little disappointed but went back inside for the night.

Sean and Lynn carried on with their cuddling and kissing. They enjoyed each other's company and talked about being happy to finally find one another after such a desperate long search for love. After finishing their drinks, they went back inside to find a more comfortable, cozier place to talk. But before discovering the soft plushness of her sofa, Sean picked her up, Lynn wrapped legs around him, and they kissed passionately in the dimly lit coolness of her living room.

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Feelings of warmth bloomed in Lynn's chest. The sparkly colors of her rose tree lamp ignited around her as Sean leaned in, lips caressing her neck, exploring it for the first time. The exotic scent of her perfume entranced him and held his senses in a captive state of blissful euphoria. As they kissed, Sean slowly and gently spun, and the vertiginous feelings it caused only increased the butterflies dancing in her stomach. The intense energy of the kiss tested his willpower as Sean sat them on the sofa, Lynn atop him, absorbing the plumpness of her smooth glossy lips.

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