Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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On patrol in the Country Run neighborhood, Sean drove down Lynn Road, passing by the Hindu Temple of Florida. He loved the harmonious geometry in its architecture. It reminded him of a heroic quote by the Hindu god Vishnu that a former chief often quoted from an ax passed onto him when retiring from the force. He had high hopes for Sean, believing that he would also take on the police chief role someday. He stopped in front of the temple and said it to himself aloud as if he was formally and soundly reaffirming his goal of making Sergeant,

"Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases, I send myself forth. For the protection of the good and the destruction of evil, and for the establishment of justice, I come into being age after age."

Because of this gift, Sean would often liken himself to Parasurama, the ax-wielding god of war and the 6th avatar of Vishnu, who corrected the cosmic equilibrium and fought tirelessly, destroying the corrupt ruling class that took what belonged to others and abused their power. He loved the Parasurama story, and as a sign of marital karma and in hopes that he would soon find his soulmate, Sean kept an imitation lotus flower by his bedside, symbolizing the goddess Dharani, Parasurama's wife. He, of course, would find his soulmate in Callie, but today he was focused on just being Corporal Sean Price.

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Sean got back in his patrol car and drove away, happy to have a plan for himself. Seconds later, the Facebook Messenger notification chimed loudly on his phone. He grabbed it up from the passenger seat and looked at chat head; it was Lynn McDonald, a girl he had met on Zoosk but wasn't all that interested in seeing. Well, until now. "Wow, what a coincidence; I was just at the Lynn Road temple when Lynn, of all people, messages me," he thought. Sean imagined this had to be some "sign from the gods" or whathaveyou. "Hey handsome, how have you been" the message read.

Stopping his car by the side of the road, he replied, "I'm good, just been working. How about you?" They had only talked for a few minutes when Sean tossed his new no-women for a while promises out the window and asked her if she wanted to meet up later on after for dinner after his shift was over. Lynn was a cute blonde, but she was a dog walker with no pedigree, we'll say. Moreover, she lived in Breezewood Mobile Home Park, far from the women Sean customarily dated.

Lynn ecstatically agreed to see him later on that night. Sean told her he had to get back to work but would call her as soon as his shift ended to make plans for them, then tossed his phone back onto the passenger seat after a smiley face punctuated "see you soon". Sean almost couldn't believe it. Was this message from Lynn, right now, a sign, he wondered.

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Sean pulled up to the intersection of Lynn Road and Anderson Road and looked at the street sign with her name on it for a moment. Then, saying Lynn's name aloud, he remembered how he didn't even like it and thought it was a trashy name of sorts. Sean tried to block it out in his mind but still agreed that it was too huge of a coincidence to ignore. "I'll just call her "babe," he told himself.

Across Anderson, Sean noticed the Townhomes at Parkside. His good friend Stephanie Tinker lived there. She was a married nurse he'd often see at the hospital when bringing in delusional drug addicts or suicidal teens into the ER for evaluation. She was hilarious, and even though Sean thought she was beautiful, he kept it at the friend level and often sought her advice about women.

Stephanie always said the same things when he'd show her pictures of the new girls he was dating or told her he believed this new girl was "the one." She would ask him to "take it slow" if the girl looked classy and jokingly tell him to "RUN" if they were trashy in her eyes. She was his go-to advisor on women and someone he highly respected. Smart as a whip, sexy, and knew more about cars than most men; once changing the fuel pump on his truck for him when he'd broken his arm. If there was any woman he trusted, it was Stephanie Tinker.

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A silver, newer model Subaru wagon went speeding past as Sean sat at the intersection thinking about life, women, Lynn, and Stephanie. "Back to work," he said as he threw on his lights and sirens, notified dispatch, and proceeded to run the tag as he got closer to the speedy little Japanese wagon. It came up as not stolen, had up-to-date registration, no warrants, and belonged to an Elizabeth Anne Parsley. Pulling the car over, he sat for a moment thinking about Lynn, then walked to the driver's side of the vehicle. "Do you know how fast you were going back there, young lady," he asked.

In the passenger seat sat another young Asian woman who looked similar to the driver, possibly sisters, he thought. "License and registration," Sean said to the driver. "Hand me my bag, Kay," she swiftly instructed her as she reached towards the passenger floorboard where a black Everki backpack sat. The lady dug through the bag, looking for her wallet, and strangely, she found and held up an old broken Ritz cracker that must have fallen out of its packaging; she jokingly offered it to him instead, trying to lighten his mood and encourage him not to give her a ticket. "Umm, no thanks; just the license and registration, please," he told her.

Sean took her paperwork back to his patrol car and looked at the license, but before he could enter her information to issue her a warning citation, a call came across the radio. An officer had requested backup on a domestic violence call at an apartment complex only a few miles away. He quickly returned the speeder's license and told her to slow down and please drive safe from now on. The passenger agreed, nodding and pointing at her, "yeah, Lisa, slow down you maniac," she advised in a sisterly yet caustic tone.

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Pulling up to the location of the domestic violence call, he saw Bobby Silverman already on the scene. Unfortunately, Silverman hadn't been a cop that long. Still, he'd known him for a while because he'd seen him often when the new officer worked for Signal 6, a local security agency that had a good reputation and trained their officers well. So Sean knew Bobby most likely or somewhat had control of the situation. However, with all the danger and legalities involved in domestic disputes, it's always best to call for backup, and today he definitely would need it.

Officer Silverman was putting handcuffs on what appeared to be a drunken disorderly man when out of an apartment, a woman pointing a shotgun took aim, fired, and dropped the man in handcuffs straight to the ground, killing him instantly. "Holy shit," Sean said as he got out of his car, pointing his service pistol at her and taking a defensive position behind the door. "Drop the weapon," he yelled!

The woman appeared to be distressed, covered in bruises, and her clothing was amess. Someone had assaulted her, and she was out for revenge. Blood dripped from her swollen lips. She pulled a freshly lit cigarette out of her mouth as she screamed to at the man's lifeless body, "I told you what was gonna happen if you put your hands on me again, you son of bitch"! Her eyes widened with a furious look; then, she spat towards the body, took another hit of her cigarette, dropped the shotgun, and threw her hands into the air. Sean was somewhat of a guitarist, so the deadly event and her country girl look caused Miranda Lambert's husband killing song "Gunpowder & Lead" to flash across his mind as he ran to secure the shotgun. Grabbing the weapon, he looked towards Bobby, who was now restraining the woman from trying to kick the bloody shotgun pellet riddled head of the dead man.

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Bobby quickly pulled his second pair of handcuffs from his duty belt and put them on the woman. They would be there for hours along with what seemed to be half the Tampa Police Department taking statements, collecting evidence, and other procedures Sean knew would cause him to be late for his date with Lynn.

When Sean had a moment, he sent her a brief text about what happened and told her they could reschedule for another time if she wanted. "Of course! Call me when you get home", she understood and agreed but still curiously wanted to hear all about the woman shooting, who she would later find out was an abusive cheating swindler with a long history of using women and domestic violence. That wasn't the first time he'd beat her, but it would be his last.

Finally making it home, Sean laid on his bed, sipping a beer and flipping through pictures from Lynn's dating profile. Her face and figure reminded him of the one woman who had shot her abusive husband earlier that day, but that thought vanished as he recalled the Lynn Road name coincidence. "I'm going to make this one work," he told himself and did something he'd never done for himself or anyone. Sean courageously and without hesitation went to the settings page and deactivated his account. He hoped that Lynn would be the one, and if not, he would begin using more traditional, locally-focused methods of finding his lotus, the girl of his dreams, his perfect match.

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Closing his laptop with a spirited assurance given to him by what he believed was part fate and good decision-making of his own, Sean picked up his phone. He made a call to what he hoped would be the love of his life, the woman he could share his passion and dreams with, someone who was a tad bit of bad girl who'd gone good that could rock his world, stimulate his passions, desires, and bring peace into his life, but also remain faithful to him when things weren't going well. He set the call to speaker mode and let it ring several times. No answer.

Sean dropped his phone beside him on the bed. Maybe it was too late to call; perhaps she was busy, perhaps she changed her mind about him because of his dangerous job, or although he was a handsome man, 6'1 and 190 lbs, he didn't have the muscular physique that women fawned and fought over for attention.

Sean had no problem getting beautiful women, he was an attractive man with a promising career, well endowed, and he could talk the pants off a ten in two seconds. But still, he knew that if he'd hit the gym more often, he'd be much healthier and happier with himself, and so would the women in his life. Getting in great shape was a goal he hadn't entirely committed himself to but would soon dedicate much, if not a significant portion of his time.

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Sean was about to turn out the lamp by his bedside when the chiming sounds of his text notification immediately sparked his hopes. The screen lit up, and he saw that was Lynn sent him a message saying that she was in the shower and would call him right back. "In the shower, huh," Sean said to himself and laughed. He thought about how people often say that to get you thinking about them naked. It worked, and he was anxiously waiting on Lynn to call.

They talked for hours about the shooting, his career in the Marines and as a police officer, previous relationships, her kids, pets, how attractive they thought each other were, and eventually where he would like to take her on dates. But, unfortunately, Lynn was more of a country girl, and despite his valiant efforts, he could not convince her that Ocean Prime was the right place for a first date. "That's too fancy; I don't need all that," she told him.

Lynn was looking like another margarita-filled night at Applebee's at this point, and finally, she agreed on just that. Okay, so she's not into the sybaritic cultured crowd of Prime or the warm sweet aroma of butter-poached lobster bisque that permeated the air as waiters passed to and fro delivering appetizing teasers to a sumptuous main course, he thought. Still, she had ensured him that she was looking for something real, someone with a heart who would accept her children and treat her with respect. Sean believed he was everything she was looking for, but she, his lotus? He would soon find out. A lovely night at Applebee's soon turned into passion-filled overnight stays, rings, and big lifelong plans made too quickly. But first, Maisie, the Applebee's hostess, would see Sean again and tell him all about Brooke's couch crashing night at her place and how badly she felt about what happened.

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